About Us


2020 marks the 23rd...

annual Catawba Valley Pottery and Antiques Festival. Its goal is to showcase the history of Catawba Valley alkaline glazed stoneware and the potters who continually produce this traditional utilitarian ware. Historically most potters utilized wood-fired kilns at home sites and relied on word-of-mouth sales. Thus the CVP&AF provides an annual sale where pottery made in Catawba Valley can be purchased. Over the years, development and growth have allowed the Festival to include potters from across the state and the South, as well as dealers offering historical pottery and antiques and providing a context for understanding the history and use of pottery in the South.

The Festival is a juried event, and will be held on Saturday, March 28, 2020, at the Hickory Metro Convention Center in Hickory, NC. 


More than 110 potters...

and vendors will offer their wares and antiques. Items include historical pottery, textiles, baskets, furniture and miniature items. Contemporary potters will sell items ranging from coffee mugs to amazing works of art.

The CVP&AF is a non-profit event which benefits the Historical Association of Catawba County in Newton, and the North Carolina Pottery Center in Seagrove. More than $500,000 has been donated to the institutions over the past 20+ years. 

Included in the weekend is the Friday Night Preview Party, which offers guests an early buying opportunity, live music, a chance at a $200 shopping spree at the Festival, two complimentary drinks, a cash bar, and tables of Southern fare. The Friday Night Preview Party is held on March 27th from 7 pm - 10 pm. Tickets, which include Saturday admission, are $45 each and must be purchased in advance. Deadline to purchase Preview Party tickets is March 20, 2020.

The Saturday festival includes special programming featuring pottery videos, demonstrations and an annual lecture presented by a special guest.

The Saturday Festival runs from 9:00am to 5:00pm, on March 28. Tickets are purchased at the door and are $6.00 for adults, $2.00 for children ages 3 to 12. 


2020 Vendor List:


  • Altered Earth Ceramics
  • Beavers Pottery
  • Bohon Pottery
  • Curry Wilkinson Pottery
  • Eric J Canty
  • Kelli Webber Pottery
  • North Carolina Pottery Center
  • Thomas Studio, "U Name It"
  • Wenta Pottery
  • Alderman Pottery 
  • Baileys Pottery
  • Banfield Pottery
  • Barry Tancer
  • Black Crow Pottery 
  • Bluegill Pottery
  • Bolick and Traditions Pottery
  • Cam Pottery, LLC
  • Carla B Pottery 
  • Cary Pottery
  • Celtic Pottery
  • CF Tomchik Designs
  • Charlie Tefft Pottery
  • Crocker Folk Pottery
  • Crystal King Pottery
  • Cynthia Link Studio
  • Daniel & Kate Johnston Pottery
  • David Cole Pottery
  • Deborah Harris Pottery
  • Dedmond & Guseman
  • Earthworks Pottery
  • Educational Exhibit
  • Educational Videos
  • Ellington Pottery
  • Four Paw Pottery
  • Glazed Expressions
  • Glenwood Road Pottery
  • Hallyburton Pottery 
  • Hannah Sidner Ceramics
  • Haventree Antiques
  • Hog Hill Pottery
  • JCR Designs
  • Jim Spires Pottery
  • Joe Sink Pottery
  • Joes Lake Pottery
  • Jones Pottery, Ltd.
  • Joseph Sand Pottery
  • Kathy Richards Pottery
  • Keeping Room
  • Kovack Pottery
  • Lane & Hamilton Antiques 
  • Lane Pottery and Design
  • LeanTree Pottery
  • Lovejoy Pottery
  • Luck's Ware
  • Maggie Black Pottery
  • Mason-Dixon South Antiques
  • McNeill's Pottery
  • MFK Pottery
  • Michael Gates Pottery
  • Moose Hollow Pottery
  • Morgan Harris Pottery
  • Mud Duck Pottery
  • Mud Puppies Pottery
  • Name of Vendor
  • Natural Connections Antiques
  • Not Your Average Antiques
  • Odd Designs
  • OldFolkArt.com
  • Our Town Pottery
  • Pam Bailey Pottery  
  • Paul Haigh Pottery
  • Peaceful Path Pottery, LLC
  • Phelps Studios
  • Phil Wingard Pottery
  • Piedmont ClayWorks
  • Plantation Antiques  
  • Plott Ware Pottery
  • Porché Pottery Studio 
  • Pottery by Eugene
  • Pottery by Leslie Jamison
  • Pottery by Remo
  • Puzzle Creek Pottery
  • R2 Trading Company
  • Ralph Mello Pottery
  • Red Feather Pottery 
  • Reedy Creek Clayworks
  • Richard Wright Pottery
  • RS Pottery
  • Sculptural Pottery by Con
  • Sedberry Potter Inc
  • Shawn Ireland Pottery
  • Skunk Hollow Pottery
  • Stacy's Folk Art Pottery
  • Stephen Harrison Pottery
  • Steve Abee Pottery
  • Susan Jones Pottery
  • Suttle Pottery
  • Talking Mud Pottery
  • The Porch Potters
  • Throw and Sew
  • Tolbert Ceramics 
  • Transfigured Earth Studio
  • Triple C Pottery
  • Turning Point Clay Studio
  • Turtle Island Pottery
  • Walker-Mourglea Pottery